840 Vector Power Unit

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The introduction of the 840 Power Unit ushers in a new vector power plant that is more affordable than our GEN II unit yet still has full up-down, left-right control from a two-servo fully articulating gimbal. No slouch when it comes to power, the 840 still carries the full 800 gram thrust motor as the larger GEN II and GEN I units. The new "slim line" 40mm frame and gimbal works well with Premier RC's line of smaller vector kites.

The 840 Vector Power Unit comes with a completely assembled 840 Vector Power Unit with gimbal, servos, ESC and motor. All you have to do is install your transmitter/receiver* and battery of choice. An 8040 propeller and spare prop are also included with pro-saver mount and hex tool.

Technical Data:
Size: 8" length x 1.75" width
Weight: 4.25 oz
Motor: 800 gram Thrust Brushless
ESC: 20A
Servos: Durable Metal Gear
Recommended Battery: 600 mAh to 1800 mAh, 3S Lipo
Recommended Propeller: GSW 8040

* Any hobby transmitter/receiver with at least 3 channels will work with the Vector Power Unit. Please consult your local hobby store or hobby internet dealer to purchase a suitable transmitter/receiver.

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