Here is a listing of all the instructional manuals we provide for your RC Vector Kites and Gates. Please fly responsibly.

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Race Gate Manuals:
- Pro Arches (5 ft.)
- Medium Arches (7.5 ft.) 
- Standard Arches (10 ft.)
- Flags, Markers and Banners
- Jump Over Gates
- Keyhole Gates
- Micro Gates
- Square Gates

Download 3D Printer File for Micro Gate Base:
- Micro Gate Base 3D Printer File

Gen I Manuals:
- Canard
- Pyramid Racer
- V-Wing Box

Gen II Manuals:
- Delta Box
- Eagle
- Manta

Sport Series Manuals:
- Canard Sport
- Sport Flyer Delta Box

840 Series Manuals:
- 5 Ft. Bat
- Butterfly
- Cross Box
- 6.5 Ft. Eagle
- Parrot
- RC Vision
- Rotator Box

Transmittter/Receiver Manuals:
- 2.4 GHz