How to Make an Over Under Gate for FPV Drone Racing

The Over / Under Gate can be constructed with the following items available through Premier RC.

(A) Use the following items, plus a rubber mallet:
       2 x 19 ft. fiberglass telescoping poles 
       2 x ground stakes
       2 x 5 ft. Keyhole Gates

(B-C) For the Keyhole Gates, you will not need the vertical supports.

(D-F) Use the telescopic poles for your vertical supports for the top, over the Keyhole (the same way as the standard frame).

(G) Place the lower, under, Keyhole where you want it vertically.

(H-I) We use zip ties to secure the second gate. Because the poles are tapered, the zip ties will not slip down when secured tightly.

(J-K) Place your ground stakes 6 feet apart and have a friend help you lift it into position.

SPECIAL NOTE: Because of the vertical height of this gate you will need guy lines to keep it steady and from flexing. Severe damage can happen if you do not use proper guy lines.

If you have any questions or need additional instruction please e-mail us.