How to Make a Gravity Gate for FPV Drone Racing

We have been asked many times if we have a Gravity Gate. The answer is yes and no. A Gravity Gate can be easily put together from existing product sold by Premier RC.

(A) You will need:
1. One (1) x 5 ft. Keyhole Gate
2. Three (3) x Fiberglass Telescopic Banner Poles (any height will work but most commonly used is the 13 ft. pole)
3. Three (3) x Fiberglass Ground Stakes

(B) Premier’s Banner poles come with swivel eyelets on the end of the poles. This is important because the outer frame of the Keyhole Gate fit these eyelets.

(C) Assemble the Keyhole.

(D) Place and orientate your gate where it needs to be. Place your ground stakes 120 degrees apart. Use colors to determine placement.

(E - H) Separate your frame at the ground stakes and slide the eyelet of the banner pole over the frame.

(I) Grab a buddy to help you lift the gate in place.

(J - L) For ease of visibility you can lower the forward pole about 24 inches.

If you need more detailed info on creating this gate, just e-mail us. These instructions use the 5 foot Keyhole Gates and the Windsock Pole eye tips only fit 5 foot Keyhole Gate perimeter rods. For 7.5 foot Keyhole Gates fliers, you will need to improvise with a larger ring or wire to adapt the larger rod diameters on the larger keyhole gates.