Sport Vector Power Unit

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This is a simple to operate vector power unit that manipulates the motor along the left/right axis. The pilot controls the altitude of the kite by simple throttle adjustments. Many who have experienced flying the Sport Power Unit state it is the easiest control they have ever experienced in an RC aircraft. Ideal for a trainer, the Sport Vector Power Unit when teamed up with a Sport Vector Read Kite offers anyone who has ever wanted to fly a durable, slow and large easy to fly option. Completely assembled with servo, ESC and 800 gram thrust high performance brushless motor.

The Sport Vector Power Unit comes with a fully assembled Sport Vector Power Unit as well as spare propeller, battery and battery charger. No transmitter or receiver is included with this package. The Sport Vector Power Unit will work with most any standard hobby transmitter/receiver*.

The Sport Vector Power Unit works with the Sport Series Kites: Canard Sport and Sport Flyer Delta Box platforms only.

Technical Data:
Size: 9in. length x 2.5 in. width
Weight: 4 oz
Motor: 800 gram Thrust Brushless
ESC: 20A
Servos: Durable Nylon Gear
Recommended Battery: 600 mAh to 1800 mAh, 3S Lipo
Recommended Propeller: GSW 8040

* Any hobby transmitter/receiver with at least 3 channels will work with the Vector Power Unit. Please consult your local hobby store or hobby internet dealer to purchase a suitable transmitter/receiver.

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