Rotator Box - Vector Ready for 840 Power Unit Series

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One of the most unusual flying devices ever developed, the RC Rotator Box Kite spins on its axis while the kite speeds forward. A fully controllable flying aircraft made only possible through the use of Vector Thrust, this kite features the strangest aerobatics ever seen by man. A brilliant pendulum Power Unit suspension (patent pending) and striking Op-Art graphics will turn corners as fast as it turns heads on any flying field.

Technical data:
Size: length: 38 in. span: 41 in.
Weight: 11.2 oz (without VPU and battery)
Air Frame: Tubular Fiberglass
Sail: High Performance Rip-Stop Nylon
Power Plant: 840 Vector Power Unit with High Performance Brushless Motor
Battery: 650 mAh to 1040 mAh LiPo, 3S LiPo
Wind Range: 0 to 10 mph

Kite only, includes all pre-installed propulsion fittings. Just add Vector Power Package (840 Vector Power Unit #10101), battery and transmitter/receiver*. See "Step 1: Getting Started" of this kite's Assembly Instructions for information on equipment specifications.

* Any hobby transmitter/receiver with at least 3 channels will work with the Vector Power Unit. Please consult your local hobby store or hobby internet dealer to purchase a suitable transmitter/receiver.

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