Manta - Vector Ready for GENERATION II

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This is certainly one of the most spectacular RC kites ever designed and produced by Premier. Unlike anything ever seen in the air, the Manta is huge compared to our other kites. It has a graceful yet eerie appearance that has been described as a combination of a manta ray and an alien spacecraft. Excellent for big indoor flying, the kite has surprising penetration in light winds. A joy to fly, the Manta is fully strutted with tubular wrapped carbon.

Kite only and kite case. Includes all pre-installed propulsion fittings. Just add Vector Power Package.

Technical Data
Size: length: 67 in., span: 119 in.
Weight: 23 oz (without VPU and battery)
Air Frame: 100% Carbon Frame. High Modulus P-Series Sky Shark Wrapped Carbon Tubes.
Sail: High Performance Nylon/Polyester
Power Plant: GENERATION II 800G: 800 gram Thrust High Performance Brushless Motor
Recommended Battery: 1000 mAh to 1600 mAh, 3S LiPo
Wind Range: 0 to 8 mph

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