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As seen in the Wall Street Journal!

The Canard is an excellent introduction into the world of full three-axis Vector Power. Combining the innovation of Premier's proprietary gimbal thrust system with the graceful stability of the Canard's 8-1/2 foot wingspan, this spectacular flying machine will turn heads as fast as it turns corners at your favorite flying field. A complete joy to fly, the Canard features smooth and slow flight with the ability to turn almost within its own length! No need for heavy landing gear or smooth runways, the Canard is able to rise off of any surface with a quick blast of vector engaged downward thrust. With its slow movement and large sail area, the Canard is also a thrill to fly inside any neighborhood gym.

This ARF package (Almost Ready to Fly), comes with everything you need except the transmitter and receiver. Any hobby transmitter/receiver with at least 3 channels will work with the Vector Power Unit. Please consult your local hobby store or hobby internet dealer to purchase a suitable transmitter/receiver.

Package includes: #10171 Black Op-Art Canard Kite and fully-assembled #10221 ARF Vector Power Unit with spare propeller, battery, battery charger, Vector Kite Field Bag and kite case. Just add transmitter/receiver.

Technical Data:
Size: length: 99.5 in. span: 90 in. height: 30 in.
Weight: 10 oz (without VPU and battery)
Air Frame: 100% High Modulus P-Series Sky Shark Wrapped Carbon Tubes
Sail: High Performance Rip-Stop Nylon/Polyester
Power Plant: GENERATION I 800G: High Performance Brushless Motor
Battery: 750 mAh to 1600 mAh LiPo, 3S LiPo
Wind Range: 0 to 8 mph

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