V-Wing Box - Cool Rider - RTF

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The V-Wing Box features fully scalloped sail edging for drum tight surfaces and a clean three-dimensional look. The V-Wing box is one of the easiest Vector Powered kites to fly and is very forgiving to pilot error. Its box construction can survive frequent crashes and field mishaps as compared to smashed balsa and foam fragments seen in traditional RC aircraft -- a remarkable feat considering the V-box is over 5 feet across and 4-1/2 feet long! This proven cellular structure also elegantly protects the spinning prop and other vital components. Slow, big and easy -- this is what the V-Wing is all about.

Package includes: #10176 Cool Rider V-Wing Box Kite and fully-assembled #10283 RTF Vector Power Unit complete with transmitter, receiver, spare propeller, battery, battery charger, Vector Kite Field Bag and kite case.

Technical Data

Size: length: 62.5 in., span: 55 in., height: 28 in.
Weight: 16 oz (without VPU and battery)
Air Frame: 100% Carbon Frame. High Modulus P-Series Sky Shark Wrapped Carbon Tubes. Exel 5.5mm Carbon Cross Struts
Sail: High Performance Nylon/Polyester
Power Plant: GENERATION I 800G: 800 gram Thrust High Performance Brushless Motor
Battery: 1000 mAh to 1600 mAh, 3S LiPo
Wind Range: 0 to 10 mph

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